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BlitzTech is a complete game development solution that empowers developers to concentrate on game content targeting PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, Wii™, Windows PC, Mac OS X, Browser, PSP™ and now supporting PlayStation®Vita, Apple iOS, Google Android devices and other emerging platforms - giving developers unique flexibility to reach gamers everywhere. BlitzTech has powered several Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move titles and includes an integrated toolkit for motion control.

This technology is available to license.

BlitzTech offers a comprehensive game development pipeline from asset management, through world editing and deployment of console ready game data.

A live connection to the target platform allows real-time editing directly within the game for truly instant feedback without constant rebuilding, as well as remote in-depth analysis of vital game metrics.

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Years in development, BlitzTech Tools are highly flexible covering the whole development pipeline from asset management through game world editing to data deployment on the target. It is a mature and sophisticated standalone toolset that combines stability with performance so when you start a project you can hit the ground running.


Our truly cross-platform runtime code provides all hardware specific and common code for the game titles supporting PC, PSP™, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii™ and now Mac OS X, Browser, PlayStation®Vita, iOS, Android and emerging platforms. Highly integrated with BlitzTech Tools, it facilitates rapid prototyping and development by providing a common code framework right out of the box and frees the game team to concentrate on the game.


BlitzTech is licensed on a per-project, multiple title or studio wide basis with flexible terms to suit premium retail as well as independent studios and digital download. Full engine source code, online documentation and direct developer support is included as standard. The majority of titles require no further third party middleware licenses and there are no open source license obligations.


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